Focus Wales 2016 – Day 3

We awoke to another fine Wrexham morning as our final day of Focus begins. We got ready and drove to the Pontcysyllte aquaduct. I had been here on my own two years ago and enjoyed a long walk along the canal before getting a delicious lunch at the Fron House tea room. I wanted to recreate that day but with the company of my girlfriend. We arrived at 12:30pm and took a stroll past the canal boats then crossed the viaduct before getting to Fron House. I was surprised at not seeing any signs up on the way to the house and my suspicions were confirmed as the gate was closed and so to was the tea room. We drove back to Wrexham and went to Nandos.



After lunch we chilled at the B&B for an hour or so then I headed into town to watch the first of my ‘must see’ bands of the day. I discovered the music of Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog on the compilation album ‘Y Record Goch’ in 2011 and instantly fell in love with their track ‘Mae Hi Yn Hoff O Nodio’. They have released four albums and their latest (IV) came out recently. I highly recommend giving it a listen, especially ‘Lle’R Awn I Godi Hiraeth?’, ‘Mor Ddrwg â Hynny’, ‘Dwi’N ‘Nabod Y Ffordd at Harbwr’ and ‘Deud Y Byddai’n Disgwyl’.
I arrived about twenty minutes early and saw nobody I knew which meant that I was standing about like ‘Norman Nae Pals’. I was approached by a gentleman in a blue T-Shirt whom I had seen several times over the past few days. He said that he had to come over and introduce himself (and his charming wife) as he had noticed that I was there for nearly every band he went to see. I assured him that I wasn’t a stalker and he appeared to accept that so we started chatting. He was full of questions about where I am from and why I have such an interest in Welsh music. We had a good blether and we share quite a few musical interests. My attention was distracted when I heard Cowbois starting to play, we headed to the door and were greeted by a Focus volunteer who informed us that the venue was full and if we wanted in then we would have to wait until someone left. Fortunately, a couple of people walked out and I was able to get inside. Having the chance to see Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog play was worth the weekend wrist band alone. Check out their new album if you haven’t already done so.


I stayed at the same venue to watch Hinemoa from Iceland. Prior to going to Focus I had checked out their music and was impressed by their track ‘Bye Bye Birdie’. The band informed the audience at the start of their set that the bass player had to return to Iceland the previous night. This was due to his wife going into labour early. Fair play to the band for carrying on with the show. They put on a great performance and a highlight for me was their cover of ‘Streets of London’.


As with Hinemoa, I had checked out The Kickstand Band from America before the festival. They released a great EP last year called ‘In The Sun’ and I played this regularly in the weeks leading up to the event. The EP is available to listen to on YouTube and Spotify and it’s a lovely upbeat offering which is the perfect companion for a sunny afternoon. The audience were behind Gordon and Alison from the start and the songs were well received. I hope The Kickstand Band earned a few more fans because they certainly deserved it. Afterwards they kindly wrote out a set list for me which is a very welcome addition to my collection.



Next up was Meilyr Jones. There’s definitely something special about him as anyone who has listened to his debut album ‘2013’ will tell you. He was exciting to watch and at one point scaled a speaker stack. I’m really pleased I got to see Meilyr Jones perform and I have a feeling he will continue to make great music.


Swnami were due on stage after Meilyr Jones but I think one of the band members was unwell so they had to pull out. I was disappointed about this because I really like Swnami and it would’ve been good to see them play again. All was not lost though, Los Campesinos were the last band to play at Central and they smashed it. When they played their signature tune ‘You! Me! Dancing!’ the place erupted. They are another band I’ve liked for ages and seeing them live was a treat.


To round off the weekend, we went over to Undegun and had the chance to savour their fine selection of ale for the last time. Adam Walton was broadcasting live for his BBC Radio Wales show which I listen to religiously on a Saturday night between 22:00-01:00. The show is still available on the iplayer if you missed it. I managed to catch most of Connah Evans set and he’s one talented young guy. Check out his latest single ‘Wait For Me’. I was also fortunate to procure a set list for the collection.



Peaness took the stage at 00:30 and they were electric. I was really looking forward to seeing this band play. Their songs are catchy and well constructed. They have an EP out (‘No Fun’) and have just released a single called ‘Oh George’ which has a go at our cretinous prick of a chancellor. They are simply a great band who have a selection of infectious tunes. The ‘No Fun’ EP and ‘Oh George’ are available to listen to on Spotify. I had to get the set list so I was loitering at the side of the stage just after the band ended their last song. I spotted my chance and swooped down for the prized piece of paper. At the same time, a rather drunk guy had the same idea but lacked my set list stealing skills. If you’re not fast you’re last pal!



In conclusion, Focus was a blast this year and hats off to the folk who organise the event and also the bands and artists who perform. It’s great to have a showcase for music from Wales and beyond. I’ll be there next year and I can’t wait.

Until next time,



Focus Wales 2016 – Day 2

As the sun blasted through the window of our bedroom, it felt like my head was inside a bass drum. Never again. It was early and I tried to get back to sleep but after five minutes I gave up. The fear had set in. Day 2 of Focus begins in far from ideal circumstances. My girlfriend is still asleep or at least pretending to be so I spent the morning guzzling Irn Bru and going through the pictures on my phone from the previous night. I think this one sums things up well.


I managed to muster up the motivation to have a shower and get ready. I had arranged to meet with a talented portrait artist called Liam Stokes-Massey who has a studio space at Undegun. I met Liam through Instagram and it was great to finally meet him in person. He gave me a tour and explained about the artists who also work in Undegun and the types of art they produce. The inside of the building had changed quite a bit since I was last here. In 2014, the stage was set up where the bar now is and the massive empty room has been divided into two with the artist’s work area on one side and a stage for gigs on the other side. In the wee alcoves at the front of the former JJB Sports shop they had put in exceptionally comfy seats and a couple of coffee tables. It’s great to see the space being used in such a positive way, it could easily have been yet another empty shop on the high street. From here I went to the Royal Oak to meet up with a few friends and saw Kyle Lee play an awesome acoustic set. I then returned to the B&B to recharge.


We made it back into town to see The Mexican Walking Fish play at Oriel Wrexham. My only negative about this year’s event is this venue, it’s just too small. When full, it was like a sauna and the uncomfortable aroma of sweat hung in the air. The Mexican Walking Fish were brilliant and played a good mix of new and older songs. During the performance, the amazing Pete Fowler was creating a large masterpiece on the wall. Having been a fan of his work since the 90’s it was a real pleasure to see him at work.




From here we went to Undegun to watch Ysgol Sul play. They were another band on my ‘must see’ list as I had never seen them play live before. Their debut EP ‘Huno’ came out at the end of last year and I listen to it in the car a lot. It’s also on Spotify and my favourite tracks are ‘Wrth Edrych Yn Ol’ and ‘Dwi Ar Dan’.


After this we went to the Wynstay Arms Hotel where we had a meal before going back to Oriel to see Mowbird. I have the 7″ single they released on Popty-Ping records which features the songs ‘Happy Active Horse Organ’ and ‘Carousel’. I missed out on the vinyl giveaway though because they announced that they were giving away a record to their 1000 follower on twitter but sadly I wasn’t quick enough getting my phone out. I’m glad I went to see them and will be keeping an eye out for future releases.


From there we went to Rewind, which is a venue I’d never been to before, to watch Houdini Dax. I’ve written about this band before and their ‘Naughty Nation’ album from last year is very good. The atmosphere was great and the audience were loving their songs.


After the set we were starting to fade, the previous nights shenanigans had finally caught up and we made the decision to go back to the B&B and start again refreshed the next day. Once back I got into bed and was watching TV when I received a text from a mate who said it was ‘party central’ at Undegun. Fuck it, Focus is but once a year so I threw my clothes back on and headed back into town. I arrived around midnight and the place was jumping, I’m glad I went back out. The DJ had the crowd dancing away and I remember seeing an older gentleman throwing some mean moves, almost oblivious to his surroundings. I returned to the B&B around 02:00 and crept up the stairs. Day 2 of Focus had ended.

Focus Wales 2016 – Day 1

FOCUS Wales 2016 has came to a close and what an event it has been. We left the Kingdom on Thursday morning once the boys had went to school. The 300 mile drive went without any problems and we arrived at the Woodhey Guesthouse in Wrexham at 16:30. I had stayed here in 2014 and was made to feel very welcome so it was the obvious choice for accommodation. It’s also a mere 10 minute walk into town.
After checking in and downing a few drinks we made our way to Central Station for I Fight Lions. They are a band I’ve wanted to see live for a while and I really enjoyed hearing their new songs. They should be releasing their second album sometime this year and it promises to be another fine collection of tunes from one of my favourite Welsh bands.


Next up we wondered over to the beautiful St Giles Church to watch Seazoo. They have recently released a new four track EP, which I will confess to not having listened to yet but I am a big fan of the EP they put out last year (Car Deborah). Seazoo were ace live and were joined on stage for their last song by the best tambourine player I’ve ever seen. Well played young man!


From the church, we headed to Saith Seren to see one of the bands that were on my ‘must see’ list. Brython Shag have a belter of an album out and there’s genuinely not a bad track on it. Two highlights for me are ‘Sbeinddrych’ and ‘Dwnsia ne Granda’. Brython Shag put on a great performance and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Things start to get a bit hazy at this point due to my consumption of Jack Daniels. There’s a line in a song by The Streets that goes ‘Then you drink doubles the same speed you drink singles’ and I was adhering to this mantra. It always seems like a good idea at the time. I recall speaking with the guys from the band and they generously gave me a set list in addition to not ONE but TWO Brython Shag T-Shirts!


We watched Candelas next although my memory of the performance is quite vague. I saw them last year at Sound City in Liverpool and they were good then and I regularly play songs from their 2014 album ‘Bodoli’n Ddistaw’, particularly ‘Llwytha’r Gwn’ and ‘Colli Cwsg’.


We made it to Central Station and saw some of The Joy Formidable as I have a blurry picture of Ritzy on my phone as evidence. We went back to the B&B via the pizza shop. They have a ‘No food in the bedrooms’ policy so we munched the margarita in the car before going inside. I stumbled out of my clothes and slumped onto the bed. Day one of Focus over……

Countdown to FOCUS 2016

FOCUS Wales is seven weeks away and I’m really looking forward to hearing great music from Wales and beyond. I was lucky to meet a host of music enthusiasts back in 2014 and was made to feel very welcome. One of my favourite things about going to festivals like this is spending time in the weeks leading up to the event listening to the line up in detail. Of course, FOCUS has bands and artists that I am familiar with and already a fan of but there will always be bands that I have yet to listen to and enjoy. With this in mind, I will be writing weekly posts about the bands and artists that I will be going to see in May and you can join me as I countdown to FOCUS.

I Fight Lions are a band I’ve liked since 2013 after hearing their self titled debut album. Since then they have appeared on Ochr 1 a few times and the video for ‘Chwara’ H’in Saff’ is excellent. They recently uploaded some footage of cover songs played at a hogmanay party. The rather intoxicated crowd were treated to ‘Mama Mia’, ‘Mr Blue Sky’ and ‘I’m a Believer’. Its good to see a band have a bit of fun and the audience were clearly enjoying the sing along. There is also a video of ‘Casanova’ and the instrumental was tight. It looks like a new album is on the way and I was pleasantly surprised to see them on this year’s line up. I Fight Lions are definitely high on my list of bands I want to see, check them out if you haven’t already done so.

Looking Back On 2015

It’s been a year since I last posted a blog on here but my love for the Welsh music scene has not stopped. Over the last 12 months I have listened to quality songs from an assortment of bands. I’d like to thank Adam Walton for his Radio Cymru show and Griff Lynch for the excellent Ochr 1 on S4C as they have provided me with a window into what is new in Welsh music. I’ll now look back on the bands who have made 2015 an outstanding year.


As I mentioned in a previous post about Swnami, I have liked them since seeing their performance of ‘Ar Goll’ in a bandstand on S4C’s Bandit show back in 2011. This year saw the release of their self titled debut album and it was well worth the wait. Swnami have a very distinctive sound and their songs have a way of getting inside your head and staying there. Out of all the Welsh albums I have listened to this year, I have probably played this one the most. It showcases their ability to not only provide high energy infectious tunes but they also show a glimpse of a softer side on the track ‘Cysur Cyffur’ . The stand out song for me is ‘Fioled’ with its groovy lead guitar part and cool backing vocals. There’s a video on YouTube for the only English song on the album (‘Magnet’) and it looks like the band had a lot of fun making it.
I suppose the next challenge for Swnami is how they are going to follow it up. Second albums can be tricky but I have every faith that they will succeed.

Houdini Dax

I’d been aware of Houdini Dax for a while but hadn’t really listened to any of their songs. This changed in May when I left the Kingdom for the Sound City festival in Liverpool. Unknown to me (and much to my delight) there was a Gorwellion/Horizons stage featuring Welsh bands. With a pint of cider in hand I watched Houdini Dax who are an entertaining and talented three piece band. Right away they had the audience’s attention and their songs have a fun edge to them which fits in perfectly with a festival environment. Their album ‘Naughty Nation’ came out a few months back and the stand out tracks for me are ‘Apple Tree’, ‘Let’s Stick Together’, ‘Legs’ and ‘Found Love In The Dole Office’.


If I could be a guest round at anyone’s house at the moment it would be Llyr Pari’s. He has a studio set up and two great recordings have been made there this year. I will write about Ysgol Sul’s later but let me tell you about Palenco first. I have never met Llyr but we follow each other on Instagram and I was pleased to learn (via Ochr 1) that he was involved in a band who were releasing an album. I went onto the I KA CHING website and bought the Palenco album at the same time as the Yr Ods double A side 7″ vinyl. I must say, I’m impressed by I KA CHING and it looks like I’ll be buying quite a few releases from them as sadly the Sadwrn website is no longer running.
Anyway, onto the music, the Palenco album is a joy to listen to. I’ve played it in the car a lot and there’s not a bad track on it. My personal favourites are ‘Actorion’, ‘See How’, ‘Pocket Knives’ and ‘After The Winter Is Gone’.

Yr Ods

It’s been a while since Yr Ods put out their last album but this year saw the release of a Double A side ‘Ble’r Aeth Yr Haul/Hiroes I’r Drefn’ on 7″ vinyl. The songs have the trademark Yr Ods sound and I’m hopeful that there’s another album on the horizon.

Ysgol Sul

When I first heard ‘Aberystwyth yn y Glaw’ I was obsessed with it for a couple of weeks and listened to it walking to and from work. I enjoyed their performance of the song at the eisteddfod which was shown on Ochr 1. Another single appeared on Spotify shortly after which I didn’t listen to as much. Their debut EP ‘Huno’ was released earlier this month and it wasn’t what I was expecting. The singles have a simplistic charm to them and that’s what attracted me in the first place but the band have taken things to the next level for the EP. The songs on ‘Huno’ are well crafted and display a more complete sound. My stand out tracks are ‘Wrth Edrych Yn Ol’, ‘Er Mor Brin Yn Nawr’ and ‘Hir Pob Aros’. I’m hoping to hear more sounds from Llyr’s house in 2016.

Until the next time,


Top 5 of 2014

Well, if 2014 was an album, I would quite happily press the repeat button. Over the course of the past 12 months I have listened to a plethora of great music from Welsh bands and whilst on a wee trip to Wrexham, I have met some very nice people.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has taken the time to read my blog, it really means a lot. Regrettably, I am going to have to abandon the blog for the foreseeable future. This is due to starting a distance learning Social Work degree with the Open University next month. It’s been 10 years since I graduated last time round so getting back into studying again will be a bit of a shock to the system and I’ll also be working full time. I’ll probably do a live report from FOCUS Wales 2015 but that will be it.

I will sign off in the customary fashion and provide my Top 5 of 2014;

1. Colli Cwsg – Yr Eira
2. Soft – Rivers
3. Bobby’s Basement – Poundstore Riot
4. Llwytha’r Gwn – Candelas
5. Symud Ara’ – Mwnci Nel

Until next time,


Between The Devil And The Sea by JKLMNO on SoundCloud

This is the new tune from JKLMNO, I strongly suggest you press play and give your ears and mind a treat. This is the first of two singles they have recorded this year with a release date of December 22nd 2014. A video for the song is going up this week and I’m looking forward to seeing it as I anticipate it being as epic as the song. It’s brilliant to see such a talented band coming out of Wrexham, a town which is very close to my heart.

Until next time,


Q&A With Josh Evans

Social media has its flaws but one of the benefits is being able to connect with like minded souls you haven’t actually met in person. I interacted with Josh via Instagram and checked out his music on YouTube, I was impressed by what I heard. Josh has recently put out a new single called ‘Dust’ (above) check it out.

Here’s a wee Q&A with Josh –

1. Introduce yourself

I’m Josh Evans, a 21 year old folk-punk songwriter from the Rhondda in South Wales.

2. When did you start playing guitar?

I started playing guitar properly when I was about 11. I’d had a guitar for my 7th or 8th birthday (It was an acoustic, a Brunswick BTK60R, I still have it) but didn’t really understand what to do with it. I listened to loads of music growing up, but didn’t realise that what I listened to could be played on the guitar. It was only when I started going to local gigs and saw people may age playing pop punk covers that I though, ‘Hell, I could do that!’.

3. Who are your musical idols and why?

As a guitarist I love Carlos Santana, Larry Carlton and Django Reinhardt. These guys can really play, but don’t show off like most guitarists. They tend to play really melodically, and can build up tension and dynamics. I love the feel that they have for playing. I will always say that I’m a guitarist, not a singer.
As a songwriter and lyricist my influences are Billy Bragg for being so outspoken and true to himself, Frank Turner because we both started out being disillusioned with punk music, The Weakerthans for inspiring me to be poetically witty with my lyrics and John Smith.. just because.

4. How many guitars do you own and what type of strings do you use?

I have 5 acoustic guitars and 3 electric. I have an old nylon string acoustic guitar which my uncle got for really cheap in an antiques fair. I put ball end nylon strings on my Brunswick because it’s an electro-acoustic, just incase I ever need a nylon string guitar live. I have my Talman electro-acoustic for playing live, I tend to use D’addario Phosphorous Bronze 11.’s on that because they can really take a beating but aren’t too heavy, I strum the shit out of those live! I got my Little Martin recently and as of yet haven’t changed the strings on it. I know that they’re Martin strings, but I’m not sure which gauge they have on them yet. I have a Gibson Hummingbird which doesn’t have a pick up, so I don’t use it live. It’s a special guitar, so I usually use Elixir 80/20 Bronze Acoustic strings 11.’s. They last so long!
In terms of electric guitars, I have my PRS SE Santana which has Ernie Ball 10.’s on it, the small scale neck makes them feel like 9.’s, but they don’t break as easily! Handy when I’m bending the crap out of strings during solo’s. I also use Ernie Ball 10.’s on my Gretsch to add to its big, chunky sound. I think I have Ernie Ball 9.’s on my Epiphone Les Paul, I haven’t re-strung that guitar in so long.

5. When was your first gig? (as a musician and also as a fan)

My first gig as a fan was to see Ray Davies of the Kinks in the Parc and Dare theatre, Treorchy with my parents. I was very young, and I just remember it being so loud!
My first gig as a musician was with the punk band that I used to play with, we were called Definition Voodoo.. a terrible name for a terrible band. I remember the first time we played was at the Non Pol in Tonyrefail. I’m not sure if this counts as a real gig as it was a Jam Night, and anyone could get up and play. It was the first time I played in front of a crowd of strangers though. We only had a couple of songs. I remember asking the audience for requests, a pointless exercise as we only knew a couple of chords.

6. What was the first album you bought?

The first album that I bought was probably Good Charlotte’s self titled first album. It got me into punk music, so it wasn’t all bad!

7. What is your favourite line from a song?

That’s a tough one.. The only one that springs to mind is ‘I pledge allegiance to the hippies, punks, kinks and queers’ from Bring it Down by Mad Caddies.

8. Who would you recommend listening to from the current Welsh music scene?

That depends what you mean by Welsh music scene. From the English language scene I would say Thee Manatees and Captain Accident & The Disasters.
In terms of the Welsh Language scene I would say I Fight Lions and Blaidd. Two very under-rated bands, that’s probably why I like them.

9. Do you have any pre gig rituals or superstitions?

I always take a glass of water on stage. My voice tends to get clammy and do weird things in between the first couple of songs and drinking beer will just make it worse! Also, I always play ‘Dust’ last, I get really aggressive towards the end of the song and used to break loads of strings. It hasn’t happened in a while.. I probably shouldn’t have said that!

10. What is the biggest crowd you have played to?

I’m not sure, probably around 40 people in The Moon Club in Cardiff. Big crowds tend to mean more people talking and not listening. I prefer small, intimate gigs for solo shows.

11. Which other genres of music do you listen to?

I love punk rock, reggae, ska, folk, many different types of jazz, indie, some country. I think that just about sums it up..

12. If you could jam with any musician (dead or alive) who would it be?

I jam regularly with Graham Williams (formerly of Racing Cars), it’s supposed to be a guitar lesson but we always go off on a tangent jamming along to some crazy jazz tune or a funk groove that we come up with. He’s such a talented and nice guy, I couldn’t ask for a better guitar teacher and friend. I know that doesn’t answer your question but he’s the only musician that I would want to jam with.

13. Have you written any songs in Welsh?

Yeah, I have one Welsh song that I play live regularly called ‘Ble Wyt Ti Rhwng’, there’s a demo on my soundcloud ( I have another song too called ‘Dros Amser’ which alternates between Welsh and English every other line.

14. What are your top 5 songs of all time?

Tough one.. but here are some of my favourites at the moment!
The Gaslight Anthem – 45
Rancid – Radio
Frank Turner – Live Fast, Die Old

The Academy Is… – Slow Down

The Weakerthans – Watermark

15. Where can we find out information about upcoming gigs and new releases?

All of that is on my website ( I always keep it up to date as much as possible. And make sure you get the bit! Because .com is an American trumpet player!

Until next time,



I was hypnotised by the opening chords of ‘Mas Ar Y Dre’ when I saw Colorama perform of S4C’s BANDIT show in 2011. Every now and then a band appears on my radar and it’s obvious that they are special, Colorama fall into this category. The following day, I bought ‘ Llyfr Lliwio / Colouring Book’ because I needed to hear more and I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. The album is mainly laidback and acoustic but as I delved into their back catalogue I discovered that the band can switch it up and aren’t adverse to cranking up the amplifiers and giving it laldy. For me, the sign of a great band is their ability to write songs that can sum up a mood or situation you are in at any given time. Examples would include a song to make you smile, a song that you can listen to whilst contemplating your life, a song that you can sing loudly when there’s nobody else in the house, a song to make love to, a song for a summer day, a silly song to try out embarrassing dancing to and a song that can cause a lump in the throat and a tear in the eye. Colorama tick every box.

As usual, here are my top 5 tunes from the excellent Colorama –

1. Dere Mewn

I’m in the process of working on a cover version of this song. As a result, I have listened to it well over 100 times in the past few weeks. Thankfully, Carwyn was kind enough to email me the lyrics because trying to figure them out in addition to the guitar part would’ve probably been a step too far for me. This song is infectious and I can’t get bored of it despite the amount of times I have pressed the play button recently.

2. Why Is She

A tale about the one that got away and found company with another guy, no doubt a guy who isn’t as charming, funny or intelligent as yourself.  There’s a great version of this song (and also ‘Old Fashioned Girl’) on the ‘Songsfromtheshed’ channel on YouTube.

3. Mas Ar Y Dre

The song that introduced me to Colorama. This is a good song to chill out to and I really like the guitar work on this tune.

4. Good Music

A riff laden delight that you have to (at the very least) nod your head to. Good Music indeed, this song grabs you by the baws and doesn’t let go.

5. Paraglide

From their latest release ‘Temari’. This song makes me feel like I’m flying like a bird and offers a great sense of freedom.  The video for the song (by On-Par Productions) is a perfect match and mirrors the way the song makes me feel.

I have my fingers, toes, arms, legs and eyes crossed that Colorama are going to play at FOCUS Wales 2015 because I missed them this year and I MUST see them live (and pester them for a set list!)

Until next time,


I Want To Dance EP – Gulp

I Want To Dance EP – GULP

I was a very happy chappy when I received my limited edition cassette tape of the I Want To Dance EP by Gulp this week. The tape features four songs, three new and a Vegas mix of Diamonds In The Sky. Having not bought a cassette in well over a decade the novelty of being able to fast forward, rewind and turn over from Side A to Side B gave me more pleasure than it probably should’ve. It’s a great wee nostalgia trip though and provided a flashback to the 90’s when all my music was on tape. The first album I bought was ‘All Change’ by Cast, I won’t mention the first single I bought!
Onto the music, for me this is a cracking EP and was mixed by fellow Furry Animal Cian Ciarán. There are definitely elements of the SFA style on the EP but I also think there’s a Belle & Sebastian feel too. Lindsey’s vocals are enticing and it’s very easy to become bewitched, particularly with the title track and the last song ‘Space’s Ace’. Now, I’m not known for my finesse or confidence on the dance floor aside from pogoing at gigs or doing ‘Dad Dancing’ at family gatherings so I doubt Gulp would want to dance with me but you never know. I would certainly make the effort if this EP was playing. Check out this great band if you haven’t already done so, the EP can be purchased from here –

Until next time,